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Willowhaven Dog Park


The Dog Park at Willowhaven is a membership based, gated facility that offers separate off-leash yards for large and small breeds, is accessible from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, year-round! The Willowhaven Dog Park is the perfect spot for dogs and their human companions to hang out, socialize with other dogs and allow a large area to run and frolic.

For details on pricing please check out our Dog Park Registration Packet for more details. The BTPD requires proof of vacinations for Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Parainfluenza. We strongly reccomend the Bordatella vaccination (Kennel cough vaccine) and Hepatitis vacccine. 

Dog Park Registration Packet (PDF)



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  1. You must purchase a permit each calendar year at the Bourbonnais Township Park District at Willowhaven Park & Nature Center. Proof of current vaccinations is required to purchase a permit. You do not need to be a resident of the Bourbonnais Township Park District, but non-residents do pay $10 additional.


Residents: Annual Fee: $50 first dog- $20 two or three dogs, (three dog limit). (non-transferable and non-refundable)

Non-Residents: Annual fee: $60 first dog, $20 two or three dogs, (three dog limit). (non-transferable and non-refundable)

Renewing members will pay $40 (resident) or $50 (non-resident) provided they return their card in good condition. $20 for two or three dogs. (non-transferable and non-refundable)

Replacement Cards are $10 if you lose or damage your card.

Dog park hours: Dawn to Dusk/ Dogs 26 lbs.+ must use large run area.


  1. Maximum number of dogs per card is 3 and all dogs must remain in the same run area with their owner. Large dogs (26 lbs. and above) are not allowed in the small run area. Owners cannot leave their dog(s) in the run areas without supervision.


  1. Dog must remain leashed until they are inside the small or large run area. No prong or pinch collars are allowed in the run areas: they must be removed for other dogs’ safety.


  1. Children 11 and under are not allowed in the small and large dog run areas. Children 12 and up must be accompanied by an adult and are not to be left unattended in the run areas.


  1. Dogs must display their current rabies tag.


  1. Dogs who are unhealthy or in season are not allowed in to the park. We recommend keeping your dog on flea and tick treatments during spring, summer and fall. Fall is peak time when fleas become active and are looking for hosts.


  1. Dogs who exhibit humping or aggressive behavior (including urinating on other animals or people) should be removed immediately from the park to avoid the potential for injury to other dogs or owners. Chronic or habitual offenders and abusers will lose their dog park privileges. Do not allow your dog to run to the gate when a new dog is entering: keep the gate area clear at all times so members can enter and exit without an incident.


Dog Park Etiquette

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  1. Dogs can be unpredictable and rambunctious. Some dogs don’t respond well to children running by fast with arms flailing and yelling.  Because of this, we highly recommend not bringing any children into the dog run areas for their own protection. Children should not handle any dog toys that are lying around in the park and should always ask the handler before petting a strange dog.


  1. Entering and exiting a dog park is a stressful event for a dog. Please allow others to enter and exit before you do. This will reduce stress and confrontations between dogs as they are entering the play areas. Be sure to securely close all gates behind you for the safety of all.


  1. After entering the park, let your dog off-leash. Leashed dogs feel threatened when they are around un-leashed dogs. If you are uncomfortable with letting your dog off-leash, don’t visit the park. If your dog wears a prong collar, it must be removed so other dogs do not get caught on it.


  1. Supervise your dog during the entire visit to the park. When a new dog enters the park, be aware of where your dog is. Having a group of dogs greet you at the gate can feel threatening to some dogs: don’t allow dogs to congregate around the entrance. Keep your leash with you at all times.


  1. Some dogs like to mount-if yours is one of these, you must immediately discourage this activity to avoid any aggression problems from other dogs, or leave the park.


  1. Dog fights are rare in dog parks, but if one does occur, the best method to break it up is to grab both dogs’ hind legs and direct them in opposite directions. Block any eye contact the dogs can make with each other. Dogs that remain unruly towards another dog must be removed immediately.


  1. If your dog injures another dog or owner, be sure to give your name and phone number to the injured party. You are legally and financially responsible for your dog’s actions and any harm it causes to others. See Dog Incident Policy.


  1. Pick up your dog’s droppings and any “orphaned” droppings; carry extra bags with you.


  1. Owners must clean up after their dog. Bags and waste receptacles are available throughout the park.


  1. Puppies under the age of six months are not allowed in the park.


  1. No smoking, no glass containers, no food of any kind including dog treats, rawhides, bones, & hooves, and no alcohol or soft drinks of any kind are allowed anywhere in the park. This is to ensure the park stays clean and prevents dogs from begging for food or showing aggressive behavior.


  1. No human sports of any kind are allowed in the park (rollerblading, football, baseball, bikes, skateboards, etc.)


  1. Do not allow anyone into the park that does not have a key card. This is for you and your pet’s safety. Encourage visitors to pick up a packet and register to become a member. Report fence jumpers to the police. The phone number is posted at the park.


  1. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damage caused by their dog.


  1. Failure to comply with the above rules may result in fines or revocation of your park permit.


Incident Policy

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Bourbonnais Township Park District’s Rules and Etiquette are designed to help minimize the chance for a dog incident. However, should an incident occur, below is our policy and recommended action by dog owners.

In the event the Bourbonnais Township Park District is notified, our policy is to release names and telephone numbers of interested parties if necessary.

You are legally and financially responsible for the actions of you dog.

Bourbonnais Township Park District reserves the right to suspend or revoke park privileges to any member who fails to follow park rules and etiquette or where Bourbonnais Township Park District has determined a member dog(s) or dog owner is dangerous to others or is in violation of any applicable animal ordinances or regulations.

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